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We're up and running again!


phoenixslash is proud to bring you Shadows In The Night, a Harry Potter Slash RPG, taking place in 1997.

sitn_hpslashrpg, a place where Seamus/Dean fans have a chance at rping too! We are a role playing community that ships Seamus/Dean but we are in desperate need of characters and members. Please if anyone is interested, join! We really need the members and we're one of the few rp groups on the net where Seamus/Dean is one of the main pairings, and is at last, in the limelight! None of the members there want to see it die. We're all working hard on our characters and we just started recently. We are looking for highly motivated players to rp Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas! Plus lots of other characters still open! Thanks!

Albus Dumbledore is gone, the Wizarding World is in havoc as the legions of Death Eaters, under the command of Lord Voldemort, are gaining foothold across the nation, Dolores Jane Umbridge has been appointed the new Minister Of Magic.

When Hogwarts re-opens, the Ministry officially endorsing it as the safest possible place to be, Harry, Hermione and Ginny return, along with their classmates, only to discover their true destiny.

Outside Hogwarts, a curfew from midnight to five in the morning is in place. Only those on official Ministry of Magic business or with the express permission of the Ministry may be permitted outside between the curfew hours. The dementors are breeding at an alarming rate as anyone found breaking the curfew without the approval of the Ministry of Magic is sentenced to Azkaban.

Still, there are shadows lurking in the darkened alleys, and when two lonely souls meet, nothing will ever be the same.

For more information, questions and comments please contact the mods shadowsinthedarkmods@yahoo.com

Welcome everyone to Seamus/Dean. I think it is past time for our two little love bunnies to have a home of their very own, rather than being forced to copulate in the background of other peoples fics. Any fic, be they het, slash, or femslash, are welcomed here, so long as they feature Deamus in some way. To get us rolling I thought I might throw out a welcome present. This is the first chapter, of many, in a Seamus/Dean fic, though their relationship is not mentioned at all until Chapter 2.

Title:Vhulok-Chapter 1
Pairing(s): None for this chapter
Rating: PG-13 right now
Warning(s): Extreme pain (non-sexual), and mild cursing
Kink(s): None yet
Summary: Seamus Finnigan is a normal boy. Over-exuberant, Over-confident, and extremely perverted, yes, but normal. All of that is about to change.
Disclaimer: If anything looks even vaguely familiar, then it belongs to JK. Got it? Good.

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